Crypto Final Frontier - Orioncoin (ORC)

The Decentralized Digital Hyperpower

Our cosmic agenda begins with a next-generation multi-tiered loyalty and marketing platform, delivering on its promises by harnessing the power of blockchain to create Orioncoin. Read our whitepaper to see what this means for value transfer, asset ownership, and trust management. Read on to learn how we tie these ideas together to build connections beyond the horizon, from the early stages of improving exchange all over the globe, to facilitating universal transactions.

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Orioncoin Crowdsale Particiaption Tutorial Video

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Tutorial for MyEtherWallet - Orioncoin crowdsale

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IMPORTANT: Enter your Ethereum address in the "Note to Seller" field to receive your tokens.
If you don't put a valid address there, you will not receive any tokens.


Initial Research + Science

June 2017

Scientific process and Experimental thought process of leading edge web-based Blockchain technology and the realization of the disruptive potential.

Branding Strategy

July 2017

First iteration of a Branding strategy. Go-to Multi-tier loyalty and marketing strategy formed.

Core Founding Team

August 2017

Visionaries and Subject Matter Experts meticulously selected from global and international talent with a track record of success.

Launch Whitepaper

November 2017

Public Release of the most innovative true multi-tiered loyalty and marketing Platform powered by advanced Blockchain technology Orioncoin.

Crowdfunding Participation


Further accelerate the development of the protocol and ecosystem Orioncoin to open a Crowdfunding sale.

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Orioncoin Quick Intro
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The Orioncoin Agenda
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